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Are wider tires better? Find under what conditions are wider tires better

Table of Contents Are wider tires better?Benefits of wider tiresPros and cons of wider tiresAre wider tires better in rain?Can you get wider tires on stock rims?Do wider tires ride better?Do wider tir...

How to remove hardened tree sap from car without damaging paint

Sap from trees can sometimes drip onto the paint of your car and become hardened. This blog will show you some easy ways to remove hardened tree sap from your car without damaging paint. Tree sap is o...

How to remove Plasti Dip from rims: The Easy Way

If you have a car with rims that are coated in Plasti Dip, then today’s blog post is for you. We’re going to walk through the steps of removing Plasti Dip from your rims so that they will ...

Ironman tires review : Cost, Performance and Customer Ratings

It's time to buy new tires. You want a car that handles well and has great brakes, but you also need them for safety so don't forget this when shopping around!

10 Tips For First Time Car Buyers

Buying your first car can be a confusing and intimidating experience. There are a lot of options to consider, a lot of new terms to understand, and a lot of research to do. To make this less stressful...

What to Do When Your Ignition Key Gets Stuck?

What to Do If Your Ignition Key Gets Stuck? Should you call for assistance or try to handle the problem on your own? Find out how now! After a long drive, you’ll park your car and depart. And no...

What To Do If You Have a Nail In Your Tire?

It happens to all of us. You see that little spot coming out or you hear the sound of the air coming out of the pricked rubber. Maybe you’re in this situation right now. But before you get desperate, ...

Electric Car Batteries Lifespan

An electric car is much simpler than a liquid-fueled car. In an electric car there are far fewer moving parts compared to a gasoline or diesel car. So in electric cars the parts that can break are muc...

Radial tires: advantages and disadvantages

Radial tires were invented by Michelin and began to go on sale in 1946. The invention of this type of tire has had a particular impact on many sectors of activity, but most of all on the agricultural ...

10 Tips For Beginner Drivers To Improve Driving Skills

After getting your drivers’ license, it would be better for you to take into consideration some piece of advice from us, for a while, until they properly turn into so called “driving skills”. Be emoti...