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How to Get Mold Out Of Car Seats And Carpet?

How to get rid of mold our of your car interior

First of all, you need to know that mold is a microscopic fungus that multiplies by spores. Not only does mold smell bad and look just as bad, but it can also cause quite serious damage.

Why does mold appear inside your car?

At the same time, mold is really dangerous for your health, so do not leave things problem unresolved if you notice it inside your car. Black mold is toxic, and when you inhale these microscopic fungi your body will respond with fever, dizziness, headache, abdominal pain, vomiting or in some cases with quite dangerous allergies.

The main causes of mold inside a car are humidity and high temperature. If you leave the window open or the hatch open on a summer day and the rain comes, the mold will form in just a few days. It will be quite difficult to get rid of this problem and it can ruin the inside of your car forever if you do not take action.

Mold in the car. How to clean and get rid of mold inside the car

How do you get mold out of a car

Before you start cleaning your car, we suggest you go and buy a protective mask, because you don’t want to inhale all those mold spores. Moreover, the first step in the fight against mold is to move the car to the sun and, if possible, open the car’s windows and doors completely.

This way, the interior will dry much faster and you will stop the mold from spreading. In case you didn’t know, mold can’t spread in a dry environment. Leave the doors and windows open for more than 30 minutes.

The next step is to check the damage done by the mold inside the car. Check the interior extremely well, because the mold can be found in several colors, from brown to green or black. If you are going to clean with a brush, be careful not to spread the mold spores even more, and in this way to do more harm than good.

We recommend that you take everything out of the car, to make sure that the mold does not grow through hard to reach places or under the mats inside. Now, you will need a vacuum cleaner to clean all the dirt, dust and dirt from the car. Throw away any damp cloths or rotten food inside the vehicle, as these are things that mold love.

After that, you have to put vinegar in a spray container. The next step is to spray vinegar all over the inside of the car, and then rub the inside surfaces with a dry, clean cloth. This way, you will kill the mold inside the car. At the end, leave the doors open for at least 1hour, so that the excessive moisture evaporates. If you park the car in the sun you will speed up the process considerably .

If the problem in your car is much more serious, we will recommend another solution. However, the first steps are identical to the ones above(vacuum the car, and then use vinegar to clean the surfaces). Let the vinegar work for 10 minutes.

After the surfaces have dried, put borax in the most affected areas and let the solution act for 5 minutes. Finally, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the areas where you have added borax. This way, you make sure that the mold will not grow once it has been cleaned from the vehicle.

Now that you have got rid of the mold, we recommend that you leave the car parked directly in the sun, so that the interior dries very well.

If the car still smells of mold, you can use baking soda as a last resort to get rid of the bad smell. You can leave a bowl of baking soda overnight inside your car or you can put baking soda on the seats and carpets. Let it work overnight, and the next day vacuum everything.

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