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How To Remove Sticky Residue From The Car?

remove sticky residue from car paint

It is always a nasty and annoying job to remove sticky residue from the car. In case you have applied any sticker on your car once you remove it you are left with the sticky area that can be really difficult to deal with. 

You will probably end up asking yourself how to remove sticky residue from the car?

We have prepared a detailed step by step guide and you will get the solution of how to remove sticky residue off the car easily.

Under this section, we have also pointed out additional tips, tricks, and helpful ideas to follow while you go through this process.

Material needed

  • Liquid soap (for soft residue) and WD 40 (for hard residue)
  • Sturdy plastic cards such as old credit/debit card, frequent shopper card or old ID card
  • Any high quality Wax Polish
  • Spray Bottle
  • Cold water
  • Two pieces of clean rags or detailing towel​

How To Remove Sticky Residue From Your Car

  • Step 1

​Before you start following our guide, first step is to ensure that the sticker and the surrounding area is free of dirt.

In order to clean surrounding area, you may use a dry and clean rag or you may use a hair dryer to blow dirt, keep it on normal heating mode and ensure to keep dryer some inches above from the sticky area. 

You just need to blow the dirt.

  • Step 2

Take one tablespoon of liquid dish soap and two cups of cold water. Mix it well and fill it up in a spray bottle. Ensure to clean spray bottle before you fill it up with this mixture.​

If you find that the sticky residue is hard, take a bottle of WD 40 and use it with confidence.

Remove Sticky Residue From The Car
  • Step 3

​Spray on the entire area thoroughly until the residue soaks with liquid soap. Wait for about 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, remove excess liquid which rolled during the process.

  • Step 4

​Take any sturdy plastic card such as old credit/debit card which has soft edges, you may also use any other material but ensure it does not have sharp edges otherwise it may damage your car paint surface.

  • Step 5

​Start scrubbing it softly. Make it circles while scrapping the sticky area. Keep doing it until the sticky stain disappears. Ensure not to scrap it with heavy hands otherwise, it will damage the car surface. Do this task softly.

​If you are still not able to remove the sticky residue, you may again repeat step no. 3 to step no. 5.

  • Step 6

​Once the sticky residue disappears, take a piece of clean rag or a detailing towel. Wipe the entire are, you may also use cold water to clean it thoroughly. Now take a dry and clean rag or towel to clean that area and ensure there is no wet part left.

  • Step 7

​Once you are done with the dry cloth, you may use any branded quality wax polish. Take a small amount of wax on a dry and clean towel and apply it on the area which you have just cleaned.

use car wax after cleaning sticky residue


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This step is optional but yes, wax polish can enhance the beauty of your car and bring back the shining which was missing due to the sticky residue.

Along with the above steps, you should also take into the consideration following tips and tricks which will really help you out when you try to remove sticky residue off your car.

Additional tips, tricks, and ideas

  • ​Some cleaning agent, products or another chemical may affect the paint surface area during the cleaning process.
  • Ensure to polish your car surface with quick detailing spray or some glass cleaner after cleaning the affected area.
  • Be careful while you are scraping off a sticky area, if you keep scrubbing with any object consistently, it can cause damage to your car paint surface.
  • If you are not sure what products are safe to use on the surface you need to clean, you should use soapy water that is least likely to cause damage.


Our guide is easy to follow and will really help you remove sticky residue. The process is really safe if performed with care and patience . Still we are not responsible for any damage that may occur to your vehicle by following the above tips.​

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