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10 Tips For Beginner Drivers To Improve Driving Skills

tips for beginner drivers - improve driving skills

After getting your drivers’ license, it would be better for you to take into consideration some piece of advice from us, for a while, until they properly turn into so called “driving skills”.

Be emotionally balanced in order to be able to drive the car. Of course, during your driving school classes you were helped by the instructor, a qualified person who also had another set of pedals. Driving after getting your license can become a challenge for some of the new drivers. We recommend you to find your own recipe!

For some drivers, it is about driving at night when the traffic is less intensive, for others, the best option is to drive having another person with them in order to provide them with some more confidence, but there’s also a category of drivers for whom driving alone is the best thing ever. Choose to expand your knowledge!

Whether we’re talking about insecurity when driving or about various factors that could be deepened, we recommend additional driving hours if the new driver feels he needs some more. Sometimes, there are a lot of aspects that can be corrected or improved, so we even recommend one of our packages dedicated to drivers’ license holders.

Keep calm

keep calm while drivingRegardless of the situation, keeping calm is essential, sometimes even vital!
We can see how in the peak traffic, various characters come out and because of a choleric personality or actually due to a psychic prone to aggression, can affect the entire driving activity for all the participants in the traffic around them.

Even if it may seem like a cliché, the most important thing is to keep calm regardless the situation because only this way you will find the best solutions.

Try to drive constantly

Even if you don’t have your own car for the moment, try to practice this activity as much as possible. Constant driving is extremely important if you want to gain experience and self-confidence. We believe that beginner drivers will become more relaxed and anticipate much better unforeseen traffic situations as soon as they start driving often.

Show your beginner signs!

Some drivers feel embarrassed by the yellow signs that need to be fitted, but in addition to the obligation by law to display them, they also have a practical role.

Other road users may be alerted to your beginner level, if you brake suddenly, they can calculate their appropriate distance, anticipate certain movements and avoid unforeseen situations that you may cause unintentionally.

Don’t push the acceleration more than you need to

Even if you feel sure about yourself, and adrenaline is one of the reasons you want to drive, we consider it the most beneficial for you, your loved ones, but also the rest of the participants in traffic is to temper.
Reflexes, driving style and experience are learned over time, so we do not recommend to force the note and the accelerator pedal.

Try not to exceed the legal speed limit, nor lose your temper because of the desire to drive faster. As you gain practical knowledge by driving thousands of miles, you can enjoy the entire activity.

Signal! Signal! Signal!

You’ve probably heard by now the complaints of road users about those who don’t signal a change in direction of travel or lane. As a beginner driver you must consider this aspect – the signal must enter the driver’s reflex. This habit will become a normality along the way, but it is very important to follow the traffic rules and notify your movement in advance to avoid accidents.

Watch out for bikers and cyclists

Always check for bikers and cyclistsMany countries have a poor culture of driving in traffic, so we recommend increased attention to other traffic participants, especially those exposed such as cyclists and bikers. They must be respected and protected.

Although sometimes certain drivers of motor vehicles declare themselves surprised by the positioning of the bikers between the lanes, you must consider the perfect positioning of the side mirrors and maximum attention. To avoid any type of accident, instruct even the passengers of the car to ensure when opening doors.

Your habits before you hit the road

drive slowly and always watch out for dangersWe are not trying to repeat what the driving instructor has already explained, but every driver must form certain habits before getting behind the wheel. In addition to standard checks (especially if you are not the only person driving the car) related to the position of mirrors, the seat and other settings, you must make sure that the car performs to the highest standards. Try to sanitize the car before departure, do not let the leaves gather at the base of the windshield or snow on the ceiling.

Cell phone!

don't use your phone while drivingIn 2018, for the first time in history, most accidents were committed because of the use of mobile phones while driving. If alcohol was the greatest danger until now, the mobile phone has come to take over the bad rankings. If your car allows bluetooth-connecting your phone, always opt for it when you’re on the phone.

Written messages should be excluded- driving is a responsibility, both for the life of the driver as well as for the other participants in the traffic. Don’t rush, no written message is more important than life!


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