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6 Ways to Save Money on Car Maintenance

Save Money on Car Maintenance tips

We all know that having a car comes automatically with expenses. A car needs permanent maintenance and often it costs a lot.

But, if you decide to follow our guide with a little attention to small details, you will see that you can save quite a lot of money.
Regular car maintenance can prolong its life and will keep its value, an important aspect if at some point you want to change it.

Turn the car tires

save money on car maintenance

The front tires carry more than 60% of the car’s weight (if the engine is located in the front); as a result, they wear out faster than the back ones.

After thousands of kilometers of driving, you will reach uneven tread wear. In order to have a uniform wear and to maximize the life of the tread, the tires must be rotated regularly.

This simple thing, which takes about 15 minutes, will save you a lot of money in the long run, by extending the life of your tires. Most manufacturers recommend turning tires every 10,000 to 12,000 kilometers. You can check our previous tutorial and learn how to change car tires at home. This operation will also save you money.

Once you turn the tires, it is recommended to check the pressure of each tire, an action that you should normally do at least once a month anyway.

Change the oil and air filters regularly

reduce car maintenance cost

Replacing oil and air filters is one of the lowest maintenance services, but very important.
This is a basic service that is often the most neglected.

The engine oil lubricates the engine components and ensures a uniform sliding and wear of its parts.

Over time and due to frequent use, the oil loses its effectiveness. Regular oil replacement, which must be performed according to the manufacturer’s recommendations, will keep the parts clean and maintain the engine’s life.

Most oil changes also include replacing the car’s air filter, which prevents dirt, dust and debris from entering the engine.

A dirty filter forces the engine to burn too much fuel and not have enough air, thus increasing fuel consumption and causing a difficult operation of the vehicle. Using an improper type of oil will reduce the fuel efficiency level by about 1-2%.

Keep the car clean

save money on car service

Water, mud, salt and calcium are formidable enemies of metal. So, make sure you keep your car as clean as possible. Leaving dirt and salt on your car will accelerate the oxidation process, which will later lead to metal corrosion.

This will not only destroy the car over time and we are not referring only from an aesthetic point of view, but it will affect its value if you want to sell it at some point. The interior of you car is also important and is some cases you can get mold inside of your car interior.

Mold is really dangerous for your health and removing it as fast as possible is really important but it will cost you time and money.

If possible wash the car once a week and make sure the edges of the doors, hood and trunk are dry. In winter, when it snows a lot, you can wash it even more often.

Salt is perhaps the biggest enemy of a car’s body.

Keep the car paint shiny

How to save money in car maintenance

The headlights, shiny tires and wonderful interior would not have much effect on the longevity of your car, without an exterior that looks just as good.
Car paint is one of the first things you notice at a car. And that’s even when you want to sell it.

Those who have been in such a situation know that the first thing the buyer looks at is to see if the paint is “jumped”. And that’s because the condition of the car’s paint also indicates how well your car is maintained. Therefore, pay attention to the paint and remember that a simple polishing procedure helps to prolong its life.

Avoid short trips if they are not absolutely necessary

If the roads you have to cover over short distances are not very challenging or very difficult, avoid taking the car out.

Short journeys can shorten the life of the muffler by the fact that the exhaust system will condense and there will not be long enough time for it to evaporate. On the long run the accumulations of water, rust, dust particles will clog the drum holes and exhaust system problems can occur.

Maintain optimal fluid levels

Every liquid in the car has a purpose, so each one is just as important. From engine coolant to transmission, brake fluids and engine oil, each type of fluid must be changed at a certain time interval.

Otherwise, if one of these liquids is too low, the risk of damaging your vehicle’s main components will increase. For example, when it comes to transmission oil, although many drivers feel that it should not be changed, this is a wrong impression.

Not changing it according to the car’s manual is basically the main reason that leads to gearbox damage. Contrary to many people’s beliefs, the brake fluid is not immortal. It must be changed within a maximum of 4 years of usage.

Did you know that power steering oil is the liquid that has the longest life in our car?

Even if many drivers change it after about 10 years, the specialists recommendation is to be replaced after 4-5 years.

As a general rule it is advised that most fluids (except oils) should be replaced after about 4-5 years of using the vehicle.

The tips above are just some of the many ways you can save money on car maintenance. Each of us owns a certain car model and based on this criterion we can decide which are the most appropriate ways to maintain it properly.

We hope that our ideas will be helpful and we are waiting for your recommendations.

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