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6 Tips to Help You Find a Good Mechanic

6 best tips for a good mechanic

You’ve found yourself a decent second hand car and you’ve made a promise to yourself to keep it in the tiptop condition that is now. That means regular servicing and addressing any little niggles as and when they may arise, but how do you go about finding a decent mechanic when you wouldn’t know one if they waved a spanner at you? Our 6 tips will help you out:

Have an idea of the problem

Before you begin your search it is always a good idea to do a little homework first in order to try and find out what the problem with your car is. If you are just after a simple service or an MOT, sites where you can book a mechanic are ideal.

However, if it is a specific issue try searching the dozens of car forums and owners sites online and ask the members there about the symptoms your motor is experiencing.

People are generally very helpful on these sites and they will give you a rough idea of what might be wrong and a ballpark figure on repair costs. Being armed with a little knowledge will go a long way to weeding out the cowboys.

Visit the garage wherever possible

car repair garage photo

Nothing beats popping into the garage to get an idea on whether or not they are reputable. Many people mistakenly believe that all garages are messy, unkempt places but this is misleading assumption. A tidy garage will give you a fair idea about how much pride the owner takes in his or her business and will be a good indication on how they operate as a mechanic too.

Ask questions up front

Enquire about things such as free diagnosis and whether or not they charge by the hour. Garages differ on things such as these so it’s worth knowing how they operate before you proceed. If the mechanic does charge by the hour be sure to ask how long they think a particular job will take and then set a maximum work time. This will prevent you from receiving a phone call stating that they have been working all day on your car and it still is not fixed!

What parts?

It is always worth asking if the garage will use generic parts on your car or if they stick to manufacturer parts. If the use of generic parts is an issue for you, it is important that you know which will be used prior to work commencing.

Get some quotes

Once you’ve found a few garages that meet all of your criteria you can move on to getting quotes. Prices can vary hugely between mechanics, even if they are only a few streets away from each other. Knowing what the fault is (see point 1) will help you obtain more accurate quotes and save a lot of guesswork. Also, be sure to ask if VAT is included in the price stated. Finding this out when the work is done can come as a nasty shock.

Ask to stay and watch them work

Now that you have a quote that you are happy with, ask to watch them as they carry out the work. Many garages do not mind if you stick around while the work is being carried out and it will give you a good idea about their own confidence in their ability too.

Following these 6 tips will stand you in good stead next time you need to find a reputable mechanic. Remember, however, that prevention is better than cure, so do all that you can to stop problems arising by doing as much maintenance as you can at home. Also, this article – 6 Ways to Save Money on Car Maintenance should help you save that precious dollar.

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  1. Thanks for the tip about how I should also tour the garage when planning to look for a new automotive repair mechanic. I’d like to get my car inspected soon because it’s been making strange noises whenever I try to speed up. I might need to drive more slowly for now while that’s not yet sorted out.

  2. You made a good point that it’s best to ask about the timeline of the project when planning to get some auto repair services done. I’d like to know more about how to find the right mechanic because I might need more frequent repairs in the future. My car is already more than a decade old so I think it’s going to need maintenance more often.


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